5 Ways iOS 11 Can Transform Your Enterprise UX

Enterprise User Experience (UX) is becoming increasingly relevant for Australian organisations to improve productivity, engagement and customer satisfaction. It is relevant for bankers, retail assistants, field maintenance and inspections staff, healthcare staff, warehouse operators, even executives to keep them productive and informed while on the go.

The launch of iOS 11 last week confirmed Apple's push to dominate the enterprise solutions market. Migrating from its traditional focus upon consumer usability, the latest features unveiled in iOS 11 deliver a simplified user experience (UX) for enterprise users. The opportunity now presents itself for enterprise leaders to deliver enterprise solutions to leverage these key features:

Augmented Reality (ARKit)

With iOS 11, we’re delivering the biggest AR platform in the world, and it’s available today for developers to begin building AR experiences using ARKit for hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

Augmented Reality layers real-time information onto real world imagery that can be experienced through smartphone and tablet devices. My introduction to AR started with running the streets of Melbourne with my son playing Pokemon Go!

With the mass advent of Augmented Reality services with iOS 11, business will be able to simplify key processes such as warehouse picking and packing, simulations to train staff or data enriched field asset maintenance.

AR will also play a significant role in improving the retail sales experience by adding spatial awareness, for example, letting you know if the bookcase will fit with the Ikea place app. It could take assisted sales to another level.

Scan Papers


The ability to scan papers from the native iOS "Notes" app will simplify key business processes such as managing delivery acceptances or asset inspection forms.

Edit and annotate photos


Photos can play a key role in reporting health and safety issues, inspections and field work orders. The ability to edit and annotate photos will simplify the use of photos for key enterprise knowledge capture activities in the field.

Drag and drop


The simplicity of drag and drop for content, such as images and text, will accelerate enterprise UX for activities such as completing work orders, inspections, health and safety reports.

Do not disturb

I love this safety feature that detects when you are driving and then turns off calls and messages to help you focus upon the road. A great features to reduce the business risk of drivers using their iphone while driving.

Other key UX features including file management, screen recording and fast typing to name a few, but the list is significant.

This release validates the push for native iOS applications to leverage the phone features and optimise end-user experience. Our next discussion will be on the Bourne Digital Apple practice, enabling enterprise to design and develop native iOS mobile applications for an advanced user experience.


By Selim Ahmed.

Managing Director at Bourne Digital.