Bourne Again

As we complete our second year of business, our team highlighted that we had grown as a business - bigger, bolder and more influential.  With that in mind, we commenced our brand refresh with the following objectives:

  • three triangles to represent our three points of capability: Discover, Design and Deliver with human centred design (the centre triangle) representing the core of all our decisions
  • retain the heritage of our birth city, Mel(bourne), referencing the Arts Centre spire
  • ensure our brand mark reflects our culture of being collaborative, engaging and connected
  • evolve our logo to align to our industry clients and partners
  • support our growth ambitions to enter international markets

We are proud to unveil the evolution of our brand logo, and are excited with the future expansion plans for Bourne Digital as a major digital consultancy.

Thanks to Coombes Whitechurch Design for collaborating with us to design our transformation.