Supporting the Australian Government’s commitment to improving digital services

Today, the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) announced that Bourne Digital has been selected on a panel of preferred suppliers.

With the DTO’s mandate to improve digital services for Australian citizens, this will be a fantastic opportunity for Bourne to improve the way we live and work through UX design led digital solutions.

The DTO is driving digital transformation of government information and services, working on things that matter, making them simpler, clearer and faster public services.

A Digital Service Standard ensures digital teams build government services that are simpler, clearer and faster for all users. The criterion ensures all agencies:

  1. Understand user needs
  2. Have a multi-disciplinary team
  3. Agile and user-centred process
  4. Understand tools and systems required
  5. Make is secure
  6. Consistent and responsive design
  7. Use open standards and common platforms
  8. Make source code open
  9. Make is accessible
  10. Test the service
  11. Measure performance
  12. Don’t forget the non-digital experience
  13. Encourage everyone to use the digital service.

Focusing on experience design and digital solutions for the cloud, Bourne helps businesses create efficiencies, improve communications, productivity, employee engagement and reduce costs through a strategic methodology that covers all of the above criteria.

We are already working with the Transport, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Banking and Retail industries and look forward to adding Government to our digital transformation partners.

We are looking forward to helping the government make a difference. The DTO has great ambitions and believes that everyone who needs to use government services should be able to find what they need to get it done quickly and easily.

“Our opportunity is immense. We think Australia can become the best in the world at delivering government services.

Paul Shetler CEO

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