Meet Felicity.

“I love interacting with people and continually learning - each project is different and there is no right or wrong way to solve a problem.”

Meet Felicity, our curious and talented Wonder Woman, and Director of User Experience here at Bourne.

Born in Switzerland and growing up in the UK, Felicity dreamed of being a knitwear designer. Soon finding out that this was a lonely path, Felicity travelled the world, studying in England and working in Greece before finally landing here in Australia. Felicity joined Bourne earlier this year and now leads the design side of the business, dreaming and inspiring everyday. Noting that UX keeps her on a path of continual learning, she’s always been interested in technology and decided to step ahead of the game and become immersed in all it has to offer. Inspired by the user's life and experiences, Felicity strives to push the boundaries like the works of David Hockney and Kaffe Fassett.

When she’s not dreaming up magic in the Bourne office, you can find Felicity sewing, knitting and listening to every podcast under the sun. Our favourite talent of Felicity's? Her cooking, especially her mean lime pie.(Did we mention she’s good at...everything)?

#Push the boundaries. #Advance yourself.