Things We Love

September has been a massive month for all things tech and digital. Quality design work is continuing to gain leverage whilst dev's are in high demand. Lately, the focus in the Bourne office has been all about learning, growing and sharing. Scroll down for our pick of our fave articles that the Bourne team have been loving lately.

5 Ways iOS 11 Can Transform Your Enterprise UX​


Kicking it off with a post from our very own Selim! The launch of iOS 11 has been a hot topic of discussion in the Bourne office this month, and we are super excited to see where it takes us in a traditional business sense. The potential is looking good - 

"The launch of iOS 11 last week confirmed Apple's push to dominate the enterprise solutions market. Migrating from its traditional focus upon consumer usability, the latest features unveiled in iOS 11 deliver a simplified user experience (UX) for enterprise users. The opportunity now presents itself for enterprise leaders to deliver enterprise solutions to leverage these key features"


A Unified Theory For Designing Just About Anything



Stripping it back and working from square 1 - something that we all need to keep in mind when starting a design project. A great read for anyone stuck in a rut and needing to find a little inspo. Artivcle by Christina Wodtke.

"All designing should start with understanding the context in which the thing will be created and eventually exist. Where will it be experienced? By whom? What do those people already know? What is your budget? Your timeline? Who are you working with? What knowledge do you have access to? It’s a combination of generative research, requirements gathering and understanding constraints." 


The Surprising Power of Online Experiments


Trusty results are based on high-quality data. Awesome article by Ron Kohavi and Stefan Thomke all about online experiments and testing at Bing.

"Some executives believe that all they need to do is establish correlation. Wrong!​"

The Future of Banking


Banks are one of the biggest uncertainties when technology continues to own the game. Awesome read on the future of banking - by Piyush Gupta.

"Be it the macroeconomy, geopolitics or technological changes, we are living in a world of radical uncertainty. Not only do we have to grapple with a world of tepid growth, this fourth industrial revolution – the digital revolution – that we are in, is disrupting whole industries from retail to music. Banking is no exception."


Designing Better Tables For Enterprise Applications


An in-depth guide on how to design tables in enterprise applications, and avoiding commonly made mistakes as told by Adhithya.

"The biggest challenge with designing enterprise applications is the lack of examples of patterns that work or don’t work in specific scenarios."