UX Australia 2017 - According to Felicity

UX Australia 17, where to start! It was great to have the app to help me decide on my program for each day, but even then there were some tough decisions to be made - room A or B, a lot of FOMO, only slightly appeased by promising to swap notes and knowing that the content of each talk would be released later.

I have a takeaway for every talk I went to, from quotes through to ideas, books and articles to read and techniques to practice and implement.

Mike Monterio's closing speech was brilliant not only for emphasising that all design is intentional but also that a true designer is a gatekeeper and not a follower.

I’d been really looking forward to Andy Towards ‘How design thinking created an entirely new way to buy and sell cars’. I was really curious about the approach as well as the results, I was not disappointed, an engaging talk accompanied by clear visual images and key research findings. Overridingly people would rather have root canal treatment than buy a car from a used car salesman. Changing the sales person's reward to customer satisfaction, from commission, engendered trust and empathy.

Andy Polansky’s Fit and Finish emphasised the importance of having different versions and always starting with the minimum low-fi. “What is the least I can do to get my message/idea across?” The need to compensate for ‘signal loss’, coming from research that Creatives tend to be Visual/Kinaesthetic with business owners more auditory. He suggested Hedging your bets by checking out your audience on Linkedin to get a bearing of which medium they lean towards.  Overall the message was style is a promise whereas substance is a promise kept.

This can be achieved by not limiting yourself to your existing tool box and working in ‘public’ allows you to be more open to other perspectives and without inhibition.

Felicity Mulhall 

Director of User Experience