UX Australia 2017 - According to Jess

Presentation: Fit & Finish: The importance of presentation value to UX deliverables

Presenter: Adam Polansky - XD Strategist @ Bottle Rocket Studios

Isn’t the most important UX deliverables our thoughts and observations?

In his talk, Fit & Finish, Adam makes the case that Wireframes, Personas, Journey Maps and Slide Decks are a vehicle for communicating our ideas. While these tools are important it’s our visual style that provides context for our thoughts and how they are received.

Adam says we need to start asking ourselves "what is the least we can do to get our message across". Starting with lo-fi deliverables, only spend time on ideas that stick.

Adam's Approach:

  • Ask what is the least I can do to get my message across - Start lo-fi and create understanding. Jumping straight to hi-fi designs early on takes time away from exploring new ideas.
  • Lo-fi to Hi-fi - The best tools are your brain and a trained hand. Starting with software tools causes self-editing and wasting time getting initial ideas pixel-perfect.
  • Work in Public - Get away from your notebook and computer and embrace the whiteboard. Show your work early and often.

  • No accidents - lo-fi creates an environment for discussion rather, where ideas can be edited. It's perceived that hi-fidelity is set in stone.
  • Hedge your bets - Know your audience. Not all stakeholders are visual (diagrams, sketches) people like most designers. Consider the auditory (pitch) and kinaesthetics (prototypes) part of your presentation.

  • Compensate for signal loss - Don’t use the final presentation as the handover document. Have a separate handover document, so those that want the detail can refer to it later.
  • Fidelity Based on Needs - If you’re looking for feedback and to generate ideas start with lo-fi. If the stakeholder is expecting to see a finished product of cause go hi-fi.

Adam reminds us that style is a promise, and substance is a promise kept. Create visuals of substance.


Jess Hooper

User Experience Designer