UX Australia 2017 - Our pick: 6 key talks at UX Australia

The Bourne crew will be jetting off to UX Australia this week, enhancing our innovation and expanding our design knowledge.

We asked our designers to share their most anticipated discussion - find out who you should be listening to:


Selim - I am looking forward to hearing Hazel Jennings discuss Applying Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 rules for writing to user experience as it highlights uncommon ways Instagram has solved UX problems.

Ollie - I'm looking forward to the closing keynote by one of my UX superheroes Mike Monteiro. It's great to have him on Australian soil. His book, Design as a Job, and previous talks around the "craft and business of design" had a significant impact on who I am and how I serve our clients.

Felicity - The case study by Andy Howard 'How Design thinking created an entirely new way to buy and sell cars' has me intrigued, design thinking covering the business model as well as the customer and digital experience. I'm looking forward to learning about the approach.

Dani - I'll be interested to hear how we can use Artificial Intelligence to create more meaningful and human interactions in Grant Klein's 'Designing with Words: Creating Conversational Experiences', and what new challenges this technology could bring to us as designers and as users.

Jess - Chatter bots: Content strategy for the conversational interface by Elena Ontiveros is a must see - super interested in the whole ‘chat bots’ discussion.

Fida - I'm very interested to learn from Tal Bloom how he intertwined journey maps with experience measurements and how he used insights from that to inform continuous improvement of products.


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