UX is in Demand. UX Australia brings user experience design to the forefront.

UX Australia is a sold out event starting today. The team are incredibly excited to be immersed with like-minded UXers and hear all the different insights and perspectives from the fantastic line-up of local and international speakers.

We asked the team what presentations and conversations they were most excited about:

“Very curious about ‘Beyond best practice: Crafting purposefully distinct experiences’. We're all talking about designing for delight and we all want some Uber and AirB&B in our app, however in wanting this we also want more of the same and thereby not seizing the opportunity to harness a brand's unique brand identity. The way Uber has brought us delight may not be the best way to bring your customer delight. So I couldn't agree more with Andrew Wight in that best practices are a great starting point but rarely create delightful brand experiences. To me, a delightful experience is unexpected and carefully tailored to a brand. Template-y best practices will not help us create something unique and memorable. I wonder if this talk will provide us best practices on how to avoid the downfalls of best practices.”

Tafida Negm, UX Designer


“Being a UX Designer, I want my voice to be heard. Going to UX Australia provides me with the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people and also to learn how I am able to use my skills as a UX Designer in order to make a difference to the community. 

I am excited about ‘The UX no one wants to have’ by Louise Bassett and Jessica Enders. I am interested to find out how they conduct user research with users who find it difficult to talk about what they are going/have gone through without upsetting or frustrating the user.”

Amirul Nasir, UX Designer


“I’m very interested in Andy Polaine’s ‘Designing to the power of ten’ and how simple design details can cause rifts throughout an ecosystem. As designers, we are often consumed by the detail and often forget our place in the larger scheme of things. By reminding ourselves of the larger perspective it helps us observe ourselves differently in the world, acting within the intersection of business, technology and creativity. I’m also very enchanted at the idea of the ’Powers of Ten’ video being used as a powerful metaphor (you can watch it here).

Among other great speakers, I’m also looking forward to Cait Jones’ ‘Placemaking at Flinders St Station’ and that something I experience and encounter multiple times in a week (as well as thousands of other people), is pulled apart and thought about from an insiders perspective.

Dani Natividad – UX Designer


“Having grown up in New Zealand, I am really looking forward to Trade Me’s Ruth Brown and Julie Watson present ‘How mobile phones have changed New Zealanders’ lives and why it matters.” It would be interesting to hear how a specific audience interacts with technology, learn from Ruth and Julie’s design journey and relate their experiences to my current and future projects. I am excited to gain wisdom from people in an industry that I have come to love so much.”

Via David, UX designer

Bourne Digital is always striving to create exceptional digital experiences through a UX design led approach. Keep an eye out for our 2016 UX Australia round up and more insights and learnings from some of the projects we are work on in our blog.

What workshops and presentations are you most excited about?