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Congratulations to Newcrest Mining!

Congratulations to Newcrest Mining for winning a global SAP innovation award for their mobility program. Bourne Digital are proud to partner with Newcrest Mining on their business simplification program on SAP cloud platform.


3 covert strategies for high-impact UX research

Research can be a dirty word in business, it implies time and expense. How do you ensure you validate project goals and return on investment when embarking on research?


8 secrets for a designing a successful hackathon

Make or break insights to maximise your event. No, this article isn’t about tech tricks or what type of prizes to offer, but is a collection of little-known tips to help boost productivity and create an incredible experience for your attendees.


Game on for enterprise apps. 3 ways to transform the UX for your EX (Employee Experience).

Businesses are too often failing to tap into the full power of technology — and corporate knowledge of their staff — to create a valuable user experience for their employees. 2018 is the year for enterprise apps; here’s three (3) ways to transform the UX for your EX.