SafeSite is an immersive safety application used to perform safety audits and pre-start safety assessments for field workers, plant staff and safety inspectors. It eradicates the need for complex forms and paperwork and enables employees to identify safety hazards and risks with a simple digital experience.

    Users take photos of the site and equipment and identify safety risks by dragging hazard icons onto the site image. This enables a central repository of all identified safety hazards to maintain an audit history of site visits and monitor risks until controls have been implemented.

    Project improvements

    • Simplify the capture of safety hazards and risks as part of a safety inspection or pre-start checklist
    • Improve employee productivity
    • Manage safety issues with a central database of identified safety hazards and risks

    Project Details

    • UX Design
    • iOS native mobile app development
    Timeframe:8 weeks

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