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Empowering Sales to Provide the Best Customer Experience on SAP BTP

About the company

Frucor Suntory is a leading Australasian drinks company and the market leader in energy drinks in Australia and New Zealand (Oceania). The company produces more than 30 million cases of drinks a year at its New Zealand-based manufacturing plant.

Problem Statement

How can we enable our sales team to work more efficiently through the introduction of a custom tailored sales tool.


SAP BTP Cloud Foundry

SAP Integration Suite


SAP Mobile Services

SAP Cloud Connector




The Frucor Suntory sales personnel were using a 20-year-old on premise sales automation system, while also having to juggle between four different tools-sales which were often slow, siloed tools with poor offline capability.

Customer and user experiences were impacted, sales meetings with customers were inefficient as reps bounced between multiple applications in a sales call. There were no standardized user processes and visit approaches resulted in variable outcomes.


Wanting to get the best out of SAP investment, Frucor Suntory sought to innovate with SAP S/4HANA. As a result, MySH (My Sales Hub) was developed to assist the sales team, sales growth, and the Frucor Suntory customer experience.


Intuitive customer recommendations & sales

Strong recommendation engine (suggested items) has attributed to an increased basket size and increased sales revenue

Processes are standardized

One application now guides 200+ field sales members through a unified sales process in real-time



Increase in productivity as measured by sales call time saved


Increase in sales revenue as a result of MySH’s suggested items recommendation engine.

“The Tool (MySH) now encompasses some brilliant features which gives us (Frucor Suntory Sales Team) the ability to have richer conversations with our retail partners.

The order starter and suggested orders are game changes for us. These allow us time to focus on growing sales. It’s already had a massive impact for sales for me and my team”.

Scott McIver
Sales Field Manager, Frucor Suntory

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