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Levelling up the customer beverage ordering experience on the Marketplace Portal journey

About the company

Lion is a leading alcohol beverage company in Australasia. The company produces, markets, sells, and distributes a range of adult beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) throughout Australia and New Zealand, while employing over 3,000 people.

Problem Statement

How might we create a seamless and intuitive beverage ordering experience for customers with a mobile app and a web portal to SAP on AWS.



Build Testing

Quality Assurance


React Native




Lion’s business customers wanted a better digital experience, with more automation, self service capabilities and chat services. But there were limitations to what could be delivered with the existing platform. One of the main challenges was to design an intuitive solution in a format customers could consume easily.


Lion Marketplace is a customer facing B2B Portal to order beer and all Lion alcohol options from a mobile portal.Pub owners are able to re-order Lion alcohol, from their cellars or desktops straight form Lion Marketplace. Over 25,000 retailers, restaurants, and vendors can order products or check past invoices quickly and easily from mobile devices or traditional computers. Users can also be notified when preferred products are restocked and become available to order.


World leading B2B ordering experience

Marketplace is an experience that makes it easier and convenient for the customers to order our products and check inventory from any location.

Providing customer self-service capabilities

Customers can also scan the barcode on Lion products to instantly access that product’s website.

Rapidly building and launching a new web solution

An Agile delivery approach delivered the marketplace in iterations focussed on customer value.

Auto scaling to meet peak e-commerce platform usage

AWS serverless technology supports chat and messaging services, making it easy in terms of scale and performance.

“Working with Bourne and AWS, we created a new experience for our customers. One that makes it easier and more convenient for them to order our products and check inventory wherever they are.”

Robb Simpson
Digital Director, Lion New Zealand

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