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Providing flight schools visibility of the future to amplify their outcomes

About the company

With a passion for Flight Training and decades of experience in the industry, Aeroplanned team wanted to help improve the status quo for all involved and provide them visibility of the future to amplify their outcomes. Aeroplanned software is a cloud based platform created for the Flight Training industry based out of New Zealand.

Problem Statement

How might we create a product to support Flight Training schools to process complex variables, increase revenue, reduce costs, provide relevant and continuous training to their students in an easy, quick and efficient way.


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AWS hosting

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MongoDB Atlas



The Flight Training industry has no supporting products to plan future training and resources, outside of clunky spreadsheets. And with the high demand of pilots worldwide and rise in the number of students and inflation, it got pretty critical for the flight schools to plan their growth and provide the relevant information in an efficient way.


The Aeroplanned product provides Flight Schools with a 3-year view of their planned hours, student numbers, delays, and resources required and available. The data is accurate, easily interpreted, and simple to adjust, with the impact of any changes displayed instantly in all other areas. This is accomplished with the use of dashboards, visualisation of data and calendar functions, hosted on AWS. The Aeroplanned product supports decision makers to see future opportunities and issues, and also to action early so as to save time and money.


Easy to interpret dashboards

Flight schools can access quick to interpret, easy to filter 3-year projection of their hours, student numbers, delays.

Quick and simple planning on calendars

Easy to visualise, understand and adjust the planned training and resources for the students.

Highly effective scenario running

Ability to duplicate a copy of the data and quickly make changes to view the impact of different options, while ensuring highly effective decision making.

“ We are delighted with the Aeroplanned software solution created by Bourne and have been hugely impressed with the care and level of professionalism the whole team has shown. Bourne Digital has brought our industry-leading idea to life in a collaborative and efficient way, which has been critical in successfully navigating this initial phase of our business.”

Jen Liddle
Founder and CEO, Aeroplanned, New Zealand

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