28 Mar

Bourne Digital is live on the SAP Store!

Are you looking to simplify your asset inspections for your maintenance and field service technicians? Bourne Digital are elated to announce our new product live on the SAP Store: AIM – Asset Inspection & Maintenance.

This application enables you to streamline the asset inspection and maintenance process with a guided step-by-step workflow to complete asset inspections, raise maintenance notifications and capture measurements in the field. Using SAP BTP to extend core data and navigation, this application can be used to view assets and work orders on a map to plan and execute work tasks efficiently.


Access asset data in the field even when offline

The app surfaces relevant data for inspectors, providing meaningful insights when it matters most. Unify data from SAP ERP and geospatial systems to enable field workers to efficiently plan and execute their work. Using SAP BTP and Smart Data Integration, providing fast offline capabilities.

Reduce business risk with up-to-date asset data

Improve data quality by embedding master data reviews and updates in the field inspection process. Empower your field crew with up-to-date data on assets so they can view and update data in SAP while in the field. Using business rules, control what data can be updated directly on your SAP system.

Improve the safety for your field workers

Job risk assessments are embedded with enforced checks in the inspection process and automatically attached to every work order, keeping safety for inspectors at the forefront and creating a more robust safety audit trail.


Navigate with maps to view & pinpoint asset and work locations

Enable field workers to efficiently plan and execute their work using an intuitive map view. Find nearby assets using the GPS locations of your device. Unify data from SAP ERP and geospatial systems (such Esri ArcGIS).

Job risk assessments embedded in the inspection process

Keep safety for inspectors at the forefront, by embedding job risk assessments as part of the inspection process. Job-risk assessments are automatically attached to every work order to keep a safety audit trail.

Capture measurement readings to assess asset health

View current and previous readings to see how the asset health is tracked over time. The safety factor calculator can help determine the condition of the asset.

You can learn more about AIM, as well as purchase the app through the SAP Store.